Course Syllabus

Syllabus – CNIT 133

CRN 31433     SEC 831

Course Description 

Creation of interactive Web pages using JavaScript, including properties, methods, objects, and event handlers of the Document Object Model. Creation of interactive Web pages using AJAX technologies.

 Online classes – 1/19/21 to 5/24/21 

Instructor: Mrs. Ferreira Da Silva – or
 Ocean Campus mailbox S-54 


Materials for the Class:

There is no required textbook in this course.

Some recommended textbooks:

JavaScript for Web Developers,by Nicholas Zakas (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Eloquent Javascript
by Marijn Haverbeke
Free ebook or paper copy($23-25) to an external site.

Modern JavaScript
by Larry Ullman 

The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript
by Nicholas C. Zakas to an external site.

NOTE: There are no assigned readings from any of the textbook. You should mainly use your textbook(s) as a reference guide.

Communication with instructor: 

The forum will be the preferred method for communication. You can also use the email in this course (Inbox icon on the left side - gray area). Whenever you use the external email, you should write CNIT-133 in the subject line in order to not go to the Spam folder and also because I teach 5-7 different classes every semester.

You might have an e-mail account issued by City College that ends in This might be where all the important information from the school is being emailed to. You can set up a forwarding at this email account so then any message that hits the inbox will be forwarded to your preferred e-mail address. The email account issued by City College is based on the Google e-mail (gmail). You will find more information about the CCSF email account in your Web4 account.

I respond to emails and forums within 24-48 hours EXCEPT from Friday late afternoon until early morning Monday - I generally do not open my computer during that time!

Late Homework/Assignments: 

There is a deduction of 10% for EACH WEEK for late assignments/homework.

Important Notes about Assignments and Final Exam: 

  • Assignments will be due by 11:59PM on the date it's marked as due
  • There is no regrading of assignments already graded **
  • Last day to accept any late assignment will be  Tue 5/21 by 11:59PM - NOTHING WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT
  • ATTENTION: There is no late submission for Homework 8!!!
  • Final Exam - will happen online and it will open on Fri 5/21 and it will close on Mon 5/24 by 11:59PM - it WILL NOT BE REOPENED!  

** if you want to fix your assignment based on feedback, you should send the submission via email but it will not be for regrading, will be for your own learning experience

Attendance and Dropping: 

You need to make sure that you participate in the class (discussion forums, submit your assignments).

I reserve the right to drop any student that might not be actively participating for more than 2 weeks. You will receive an email when I drop you from the class!

If you decide to drop from this class, please, send me an email ASAP and make sure you pay attention to the deadlines of the college.

If you don’t drop and start missing the classes and not doing your assignments, you will receive a failing grade at the end of the semester. Please, contact the instructor for any help you may need!

Expected Behavior: 

Each student should help providing an environment that helps people learn.

Always address any questions you have about the material in the discussion forum so the whole class can participate. Participate in the discussion forums and do not be afraid of committing mistakes as you will not lose points for that and points are awarded for participation.  

Students with Disabilities:  

Students will be required to create web pages with images, different layouts, sounds, animations. If you have a visual or hearing impairment or any other disability that requires special accommodations, please don’t hesitate to discuss the issue with the instructor via email.

DSPS (Disabled Students Program and Services) is available in City College - take a look at the DSPS Website.

Changes to the schedule/syllabus: 

I reserve the right to change any of the policies or schedule established here during the semester.


Grading (Total Maximum Points = 170): 


·         Homework 1

10 points

Total = 10 points

·      Homework 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

15 points

Total = 105 points

·         Participation (work on time, and forums)

10 points

Total = 10 points

·         Final Exam

45 points

Total = 45 points


Final Letter Grade:

Your final letter grade will depend on the % (percentage) of the total points you will get at the end of this course:

  • 90% or higher of the total points = A
  • 80% up to 89% of the total points = B
  • 70% up to 79% of the total points = C
  • 60% up to 69% of the total points = D
  • 59% or lower of the total points = F

ATTENTION: If you opt for P/NP, you will need to get 70% or higher to get the P (pass), otherwise, you will get NP (not pass). Remember that the P/NP grade is not counted as a credit which means you will not be able to use the course to petition a certificate or AS Degree - this is a rule from the State, not the College! So, think about your learning goals when opting for P/NP.


Important Notes:

Plagiarism and cheating are considered serious offenses and may be punished by failure on project, assignment, or exam. Please, review the Student Conduct rules


Student's Learning Outcomes - SLOs 

  1. Code interactive web pages in HTML and CSS using JavaScript, ECMAScript, jQuery, and AJAX.
  2. Identify and debug all syntax and logic errors in a JavaScript, ECMAScript program.
  3. Describe the notion of objects, properties, and methods of the Document Object Model (DOM).
  4. Identify different ways of using JavaScript, ECMAScript, jQuery and AJAX in response to differences of browsers and platforms.

Course Summary:

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